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Access strategic information to manage your career,
Match your wants and expectations with those of recruiters.


Cast the right talent,
Cutting edge expertise that anticipates your needs.


You need to hire skilled talent for a long or short-term contract in France or abroad

Our added value:
• We provide advice on how to express your needs in terms of skills relative to your specific organisation and that of the market
• We are able to rapidly identify and mobilise potential applicants as we have active pools of working or freelance candidates
• We provide advice on professional and personal skills (techniques and life skills)
• We follow a new recruit through the integration process and beyond
• We keep a constant eye on the way emerging organisations and professions are changing, prospective cartography
• We provide secure administrative and financial management of all outsourcing missions (freelance, freelance administration ....)

Multi-channel tools to serve your recruitment process:
• A simple registration, dialogue and information platform that works in real time for applicants on our website
• A multi-channel presence that makes for a high level of referencing (field, social networks, job boards…)
• A range of identification tools and an extensive multi-channel presence
• A direct approach to contacting viable candidates that encourages dialogue

Partnerships with other international recruitment agencies that share the same values.


Talent supervision


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Talent accompaniment


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